Information for Authors

Preparing Your Paper


Manuscripts should be compiled in the following order: title page; abstract; keywords; main text introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion; acknowledgments; declaration of interest statement; references; appendices (as appropriate); table(s) with caption(s) (on individual pages); igures; igure captions (as a list).


Article Types:


Medtext journals publish articles comes in to the following categories but not limited to:


  • Research Articles
  • Review Articles
  • Case Reports
  • Clinical Images
  • Short Communications
  • Special Issue Articles
  • Editorials
  • Commentary


Text file


The text file must be submitted as plain unformatted text. The formats accepted are Word (.DOC and .DOCX) and RTF. The text ile must contain title, running title, authors’ details, abstract, key words, text, references, notes, tables and titles of tables and igures. Figures should be submitted as separate iles. The ile should not contain active hyperlinks. Title: short title, with no abbreviations (no more than 150 characters). The name(s) of the author(s), e-mail address, and af iliation should exist below the title.


Abstract and key word


Articles should include an abstract of between 150 and 250 words. For original articles, the abstract should be structured as follows: background (what is already known about the subject and what the study intends to examine), methods (experimental design, patients and interventions), results (what was found), conclusions (meaning of the study). 5-6 keywords should be separated by semicolon (;).



No abstracts are required for editorials or letters to the Editor. Abbreviations and references are not permitted in the abstract.




Identify methodologies, equipment and procedures in suf icient detail to allow other researchers to reproduce results. Specify well-known methods including statistical procedures; mention and provide a brief description of published methods which are not yet well known; describe new or modi ied methods at length; justify their use and evaluate their limits. For each drug generic name, dosage and administration routes should be given. Brand names for drugs should be given in brackets. Units of measurement, symbols and abbreviations must conform to international standards. Measurements of length, height, weight and volume should be given in metric units (meter, kilogram, liter) or their decimal multiples. Temperatures must be expressed in degrees Celsius.


Blood pressure must be expressed in millimeters of mercury. All clinical chemistry measurements should be expressed in metric units using the International System of Units (SI). The use of unusual symbols or abbreviations is strongly discouraged. The irst time an abbreviation appears in the text, it should be preceded by the words for which it stands.




It is expected that all cited references will have been read by the authors. References must be set out in the standard format approved by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors ( Footnotes and endnotes of Word must not be used in the preparation of references.References irst cited in a table or igure legend should be numbered so that they will be in sequence with references cited in the text taking into consideration the point where the table or igure is irst mentioned. Therefore, those references should not be listed at the end of the reference section but consecutively as they are cited.


References and citations must be in Vancouver style .




Tables should be submitted in the text ile. Each table should be created with the Table menu of Microsoft Word table editor, by selecting the number of rows and columns needed. Tabulations are not allowed. Each table must be numbered in Roman numerals and accompanied by the relevant title. Each table must include heading, body and notes, if needed, at the foot of the table. Tables should be referenced in the text sequentially.




Each igure should be submitted as a separate ile. Formats accepted: JPEG set at 300 dpi resolution preferred; other formats accepted are TIFF and PDF (high quality). Figures should be numbered in Arabic numerals and accompanied by the relevant title. Titles of igures



should be repeated also in the text ile. Figure should be referenced in the text sequentially. Reproductions should be limited to the part that is essential to the paper. Histological photographs should always be accompanied by the magni ication ratio and the staining method. If igures are in color, it should always be speci ied whether color or black and white reproduction is required in the print version. If igures are to be printed in black and white, an additional version of the captions should be provided for the print version not referring to color.


Figure ile types


We accept the following ile formats for igures:


  • EPS (suitable for diagrams and/or images)
  • PDF (suitable for diagrams and/or images)
  • Microsoft Word (suitable for diagrams and/or images, igures must be a single page)
  • PowerPoint (suitable for diagrams and/or images, igures must be a single page)
  • TIFF (suitable for images)
  • JPEG (suitable for photographic images, less suitable for graphical images)
  • PNG (suitable for images)
  • BMP (suitable for images)
  • CDX (ChemDraw - suitable for molecular structures)




Please write your text in good English (American or British usage is accepted, but not a mixture of these). In order to avoid possible grammatical or spelling errors and to make your work readable and understandable for readers, we advise you to get your work proofread by professionals or native speakers before submitting it


Author Responsibilities


Submission of a manuscript to the Azerbaijan Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery directly implies that the authors have read, understood and agreed to the terms of the journal and its guidelines. Authors need to be aware that, Azerbaijan Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery is open-access and the content present in the manuscript after publication will be freely available to all the potential readers over the Internet for noncommercial use. The submitted manuscript should not breach any existing copy rights or third party policies. Authors also should note that the manuscripts which are submitted elsewhere will not be reviewed or published by Azerbaijan Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery. Manuscripts with plagiarized content will not be considered for peer-review process.